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Is Vipashyana or Insight meditation better than Shamata or Calm-Awareness meditation?

From: Buddhadharma magazine, fall 2007 Page 15, entitled: “The Perfect Machete”. “Finding the right balance between shamatha and vipassana practice is a lot like having the right tool to cut through the jungle” – Ajahn Chandako When I was a … Continue reading

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A Buddhist View of Suicide

One of my Students asked me the following question: What is the Buddhist View of Suicide and how can we deal with the Suicide of a friend or our own suicidal tendencies? Here is my answer: SUICIDE: MY PERSPECTIVE AS … Continue reading

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The End of the Accumulation Stage of Tibetan Buddhist Practice

I’ve reached the final set of lectures on the Accumulation Stage of Buddhist Practice.  It has taken 1 1/2 years of Monday morning lectures to get to this point.  It is by far the biggest part of the LAM RIM … Continue reading

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Buddhist Culture in Modern Times

One of my Students asked: 1 – Is it possible to do any kind of Dharma without any culture attached to it? We have difficulty with the Tibetan Stuff, but it’s the best we’ve come across so far, except maybe … Continue reading

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