The Truth Behind Moral Behaviour

I’m preparing for teaching the Insight Stage of the 5 Stages of Buddhist Spiritual Development.  These are the Accumulation Stage, the Preparation Stage, the Insight Stage, the Meditation Stage, and the Perfection Stage.  These are more commonly known as the 5 Paths, but I think the word Stages is more accurate.

The Insight Stage of the Mahayana Path is where we begin to develop Equanimity, Loving-Kindness, and Compassion and where we begin to develop the 6 perfections of Generosity, Morality, Patience, Perseverance, Concentration, and Wisdom.

In the Preparation Stage, we were examining the Selflessness of our Body and Mind and, with our first experience of this Selflessness, we begin to enter the Insight Stage.

As we develop our experience of Selflessness, the Perfections come to fruition.  I have noticed that we now have a method to work at advancing our Buddhahood in 2 ways.

As we examine our selflessness, these qualities gradually become perfected.  As we practice the perfections, our experience of Selflessness increases.  So whether we are practicing the Perfections or expanding our experience of Selflessness, we are advancing in the same direction all the time.

It’s amazing how that works!!!!

I will flesh this idea out in my lecture notes starting with the Insight Stage:


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Technical Administrator for the Westport Lions Club Website and Instructor @ the Peaceful Garden Meditation Group - A Group that studies and practices Buddhist Psychology and Meditation in the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.
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