Our Karmic future depends on our tendencies

If we wonder about what our future will be based on our karma, all we need to do is look at our tendencies.

The simplest way is to look at our tendencies in terms of the 10 non-virtues and the 10 virtues.

Perhaps by questioning ourselves in the following way, it will make our choices clearer:

Do we tend to take or destroy life or support and protect life?

Are we takers, or do we tend to be givers?

Do we try to get what we want at any cost, or do we put ethics and not harming others ahead of our desires?

Do we encourage deceit or do we promote honesty and truthfulness?

Do we humiliate and insult others, or do we provide encouragement and confidence to others?

Do we seek to divide people against each other or are we forces for reconciliation and understanding?

Do we speak to be heard or do we try to make our speech meaningful and full of purpose?

Do we sow the seeds of discontent, or do we promote contentment and fewness of wishes?

Do we promote hatred and anger, or do we practice tolerance, and patience?

Do we promote eternalist or nihilist viewpoints or do we focus on the middle path in all things?

The last one means the following:

Things are neither eternal or ending but both – We do not live forever, but death is not the end, there is life and death followed again by life and death in a continuous cycle.

We are not all one, nor are we completely individual but both – we are all part of a single reality, but we are completely unique like snowflakes.

The world is neither unsatisfactory, nor satisfying but both – If we hope for permanent satisfaction from temporary things, we will always be disappointed, but once we stop looking for permanent satisfaction, we will find satisfaction is there.

The world is not self-centred or selfless – We have a relative self which we use to operate in the world, but it is only relative – it is always changing and only real at this time, under these circumstances and with our current level of understanding. There is no ultimate self but that doesn’t negate the relative self either.

The more that we adopt the tendencies of the 10 virtues as opposed to the non-virtues and by adopting the outlooks or points of view of the middle way instead of the eternalists or nihilists, then our karmic future will be guaranteed….

I hope that this helps….




About larryreside

Technical Administrator for the Westport Lions Club Website and Instructor @ the Peaceful Garden Meditation Group - A Group that studies and practices Buddhist Psychology and Meditation in the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.
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