Anger shows a lack of Understanding

Whenever we become angry in a situation, we stop looking at what’s happening in order to be angry. By no longer looking at the situation, we stop being able to see or investigate the details in order to see a solution to our problem. So our anger actually blinds us and stops us from really seeing what’s going on around us. So Anger is a sign of misunderstanding, prevents further understanding, and increases our misunderstanding.


About larryreside

Technical Administrator for the Westport Lions Club Website and Instructor @ the Peaceful Garden Meditation Group - A Group that studies and practices Buddhist Psychology and Meditation in the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.
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2 Responses to Anger shows a lack of Understanding

  1. julia says:

    hi larry, well this is a thoughtful angle! i am going to attempt to keep this one in mind so that it is available to my heart the next time my buttons get pushed!
    that should be hard enough in itself…
    blessings to you…julia

  2. Carol Drake says:

    So true, anger does blind us. I will try to keep this in mind. Thanks for the inspiration.

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