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  1. A Student says:

    1 – Is it possible to do any kind of Dharma without any culture attached to it? We have difficulty with the Tibetan Stuff, but it’s the best we’ve come across so far, except maybe Shamanism (from which much of Buddhism sprang)

    2 – Can we ever escape our cultural conditionings? – Ought we to?

  2. A Student says:

    What is the Buddhist View of Suicide and how can we deal with the Suicide of a friend or our own suicidal tendencies?

  3. A Student says:

    hi larry.

    Could you explain the meaning of the quote please…thanks.

    There comes a time when the great ocean dries up and evaporates and no longer exists,
    but still I say, there is no making an end of suffering for those beings roaming and wandering onward, hindered by ignorance and fettered by craving.

    The Buddha
    Connected Discourses on the 5 Collections (Skandas) (22.Khandhasamyutta)
    Connected Discourses of the Buddha (Samyutta Nikaya)

  4. sophia says:

    Hello Larry,

    Thank you for your response. Forgive me to have put my earlier question in the Home section. As
    I am reading the 5 Wisdoms, just after the diagram no # 16, in the fifth paragraph the entry of the
    consciousness into the fetus is explained. Yet I don’t understand how genetics determine this entry.
    How do we connect the genetics of the new fetus to the consciousness that has descended into that
    specific fetus. Could you help me understand this please? Thank you. Sophie

  5. sophia says:

    Hello Larry, I should add that the peaceful garden meditation site is amazing.
    There is so much to read and learn and yet it flows like water. The notion of not owning our own bodies is very powerful.
    And I am incorporating the concept of “Intention” that I came across and learned in my personal life and it is already been so helpful.
    Thank you. Sophie

    • larryreside says:

      Thanks Sophia for the compliment. I agree with you that not owning our bodies and being mindful of our intentions are powerful things to be aware of, as is recognizing that everything is composite and therefore impermanent. – best of luck in your practice. How did you hear of my blog?

      be well….


  6. Sophia says:

    Hello Larry, I have been meditating for a long time. I also taught meditation. A family member who lives long distance showed interest in meditation. I searched for a site to complement what I could teach. I found the peaceful garden meditation and absolutely loved it. I stayed up the whole night to read. And eventually went to bed at six thirty in the morning. Not having been able to go through it all. It filled up the blanks for myself and more. And then I came across your blog the next day. Thank you very much. Sending you lots of love and healing energy Sophie

  7. Sophia says:

    Thank you Larry for the answer to the question regarding re-birth and genetics. Can I say that the consciousness of the fetus pre-form has intelligence and that it descends into a specific conception to complete Karma? Hence the genetics and characteristics of that specific conception? There is another question that I would like to ask: Is the universe/God itself evolving? Do these re-birth and birth contribute to that evolution? Thank you. Sophie

  8. sophia says:

    I did enjoy and learned from your response. Thank you Larry. Sophia

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